Since 2004, we have been mentoring and coaching learners in a bilingual environ­ment (English / German) from 3 years of age up to worldwide university entry. Accredited by Cambridge Assess­ment and Inter­national Education, our pro­grammes meet the needs of the hungry mind. They challenge students intel­lectually whilst opening vast oppor­tunities to express their curio­sity, creati­vity and passion.

Our International School pro­grammes lead to globally recognized qualifications (IGCSE and A Levels)

and equip students with the attributes that will set them up for life.


Our Pre-School / Kindergarten (for the 3 to 6 year-olds) provides a solid foundation for future learning and a holistic learning experience that promotes socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development. Carefully planned learning activities ensure that each child actively participates in guided inquiry and self-discovery. Our teachers use their respective native language, English or German, to engage with the children during their play, routines, group learning, and topic-based conversations, helping them develop bilingual skills in a safe and caring environment.


... is an important catalyst for learning.

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... through play, exploration and participation

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Learn English
with ease

Children learn English through play and discovery.

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with Confidence

Children practise and display their multi-lingual skills with ease and pride.

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Primary School

It is our calling to guide children toward realizing their full potential in becoming confident, capable and happy learners through fun, purposeful and engaging activities. Through immersion with classes in English and German, children grow to become confident and natural users of both languages. Every child benefits from personalised attention as our dedicated teachers cater for each student’s needs to deepen their conceptual understanding. In the last 3 years of Primary School, 2 other languages are added to the programme: French & Mandarin.


... paves the way for successful learning.

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Room for Talent

Children enjoy their individualized learning plans with enough space to pursue their own dreams.

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Children benefit from contact with their older classmates.

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Balance is

Our coaches strike a balance between guided, autonomous and cooperative learning.

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Children make friends with peers from over 20 nations.

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The Lower Secondary School years are a time of dynamic transition and discovery for students – and at Talent-Campus, a vibrant and challenging academic programme encourages them to take increasing ownership of their learning while nurturing leadership and collaborative learning skills. At the age of 16/17, students take their ‘International General Certificate of Secondary Education’ (IGCSE), in a minimum of five core subjects: English, German, Combined Science (Chemistry-Physics-Biology), Mathematics & Economics. Academic extension in Geography, French & Mandarin is also offered to our most proficient students. The IGCSE, available at 10’000 schools in 160 countries, is the world’s most respected & recognized Grade 10-qualification globally.

Meeting at
eye level

We try to be more than teachers – we are companions, also in personal matters.

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The world
at their feet

The Cambridge programme enables a connection to schools and higher education around the globe.

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safe & calm

We make sure that young people enjoy the optimal learning environment with us.

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Our young people have a determined attitude towards learning – a highly ambitious atmosphere.

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Our Senior Secondary programme consists in 3 final years spent acquiring and sharpening the problem-solving, higher order cognitive and self-management skills as well as developing personal attributes and deepening our knowledge base: the necessary pre-requisites to enter some of the best universities globally. The Cambridge International Advanced Level programme & qualification is split into 3 years: an A level foundation year, followed by an ‘AS’ and an ‘A2’ year. Combined results of the AS and A2 examinations lead to the final Cambridge International A Level Certificate. The Cambridge A Level qualification is accepted worldwide for university entry including into prestigious Swiss universities such as ETHZ, HSG or Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Small Groups

... make learning a more personal and enriching experience.

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Cambridge A Levels: the door opener to outstanding colleges & universities worldwide.

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Art & Design

Young people flourish exploring their creativity and self-expression.

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A broad

... that includes the humanities, natural & social sciences.

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Great sense
of community

Small school but tight bonds between teachers & students and among students.

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