Success Story

We are proud to announce to you that our International School has, once again, produced

outstanding results at the recent Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) & Cambridge International Advanced Level examination sessions: pass rate 100 %.

Our passion: to provide the highest academic standards to our students.

Cambridge IGCSE

Our students have achieved a 100 % pass rate for the 15th time in a row since 2012. Of the 14 candidates entered for English, 6 scored an A / A*. All 13 candidates entered for Maths scored the highest possible grade – 9 students achieving marks above 90 %.

Congratulations Bennet, Elias, Enrico, Ismena, Jason, Lara-Sophie, Lucius, Maea, Maria, Océane, Shivani, Sude, and Tim!

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A Levels

Our 100 % pass rate for the 5th consecutive time (since 2016) maintained! Well done colleagues and thank you, parents, for your continued trust and support!

Congratulations Gloria, Liv, Marie-Louise, Mia, René, Sandro, Taiza and Vanessa!

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