Lernbegleiterin Economics & Mathematics

+41 71 544 20 10

My Qualifications...

Qualified Teacher Status for Economics and Mathematics (British Qualification).Major in Economics for Bachelor and Masters and Magna Cum Laude for PhD in Economics Statistics. I have been teaching in International Schools since 2011.

My Passion is...

...Reading economic journals and encouraging my students to debate the current issues that modern economies are facing. In the weekends, my family and I like to hike in Switzerland to admire the natural beauty and to enjoy the local cuisine.

I admire...

...perseverance, honesty and reliability.

The Future of Learning

The pressure on current generations is higher. They are asked to learn to constantly adjust. If a decade ago technological changes took place in average once at ten years, now they may even happen every year. So, education is supposed to inspire, to give them the tools to become independent learners that can apply new concepts with great use to current challenges. As information in readily available, the focus has shifted on critical thinking, so we need to work as a team to engage them to and to emphasise the abilities to analyse and to evaluate.