Lernbegleiter Biologie und Physik

+41 71 544 20 10

My Qualifications

Degree- B.Sc.(Hons.) in Biology from the University of Bath, P.G.C.E. Secondary Science from the University of Gloucestershire, Subject Knowledge Enhancement course in Physics from the Science Learning Centre, Bristol

My Passion... to enthuse people about the world around them by making students excited about science. I feel I am lucky to be able to teach such an open ended subject. I see my role as a curiosity facilitator and nothing brings me more joy than going on these journeys of discovery with the students often learning a lot myself along the way.

I Admire...

..Bill Nye and Carl Sagan as a science communicators. Both were able to communicate complicated and abstract ideas in such a way that it led people (including myself) to be completely enthralled with the mysteries science tries to solve. My aim is to try and capture some of their magic and help enthral the next generation.

The Future of Education...

...for me, it is all about the ability to solve problems creatively and collaboratively. We have all experienced how crazy the world can be and all the problems that come with existence. I see my job as an educator is to provide students with the tools needed to succeed in the world after school, whatever it may look like.