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My Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in history and education at University of California-Santa Cruz, Teacher training at Moreland University (Washington D.C.), Teaching Credential (USA), Qualified Teacher Status (United Kingdom)

My Passion...

...are music, travelling, and reading. I have played the guitar for over twenty years and also play a little bass guitar. I like traveling to new places, as well as visiting the places where I grew up often. I am an avid reader of history books.

I admire... mother. She has always been such a hard worker and I hope some of that has rubbed off on me. During challenging times in her life, she always tries to stay positive and figure out the best way to overcome the situation.

Education of the future... reliant on technology, being creative, and taking risks. In the future, as we have seen already, education will be delivered and executed with technological tools. Learning can happen in the classroom, but also will be done remotely and online. I feel students will need creative skills, along with not being afraid to take risks, to have a more rewarding educational experience.