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My Qualifications

BA Hons in English and Italian, Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, PhD in Italian Studies (ongoing), Diploma in Interior Architecture

My Passion

I am passionate about literature and research – it focuses a lens on every aspect of life and broadens our understanding of ourselves and the world. It is a primary source of knowledge and a record of mankind’s range of universal achievements. Its transition into present day times and the dynamic possibilities of the digital world, are equally as exciting. Continuing to explore different forms of literature with my students, brings fresh interpretations and hopefully sees the passion travel further.

I admire...

...the quality in a person of never giving up, staying true to their ideals and never losing sight of their humanity. I think it’s more important than ever in the world today that people uphold their value systems and continue to pass them on. I also admire a generosity of spirit in the individual, which I believe we also need in the world.

Education in the future...

...will see a focus on personalized learning. Students will learn with study tools that adapt to their capabilities as a student, with more challenges where appropriate and tailored support where required. A shift towards blended learning and the integration of technology will be at the forefront, which will lead to campus based learning undergoing a radical change. Project-based learning, combining creativity and collaboration to problem solve difficult questions and tasks, together with a drive to improve digital literacy, will enable students to master technical skills such as coding. The role of the teacher will evolve to that of facilitator and their relationship will be one of customization of the students’ learning experience and collaborating to maximize their potential.