Homeroom teacher and primary teacher

My role at TCB

I enjoy my role thoroughly everyday. I learn so much as well as facilitating the learning within my classrooms through carefully planned progressional learning which is exciting and engaging. Forging strong relationships are the cornerstone of everything I do. From this strong base we then grow together in a positive nurturing environment. I endeavor to follow children's interests while simultaneously providing learning experiences which support children developing on a global level which is a keen interest on mine and fueled my doctorate studies.

What else I do

Keeping parents informed is a keen interest on mine as I appreciate the necessity of their support and engagement in their child’s development. I also work collaboratively with the primary team and headteacher to ensure ideas sharing is central to my practice as a teacher at Talent-Campus.

What TCB means to me

I have never felt so supported as within my tenure at Talent-Campus. A very unique environment has been forged which is both welcoming but conducive to working together which is very special.