Lernbegleiterin Musik

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My Qualification

MA in Music Pedagogy

My Passion... being part of the individual growth and development of young musical talents and contributing to their personal development. Seeing, listening to and discussing various perspectives from different individualities makes every day joyful. Changes that are made today, even if they have only a small positive impact on our society, make me passionate.

I admire...

...the power of nature and its astonishing craft of creation. I am amazed by people of the past and those living in the present who choose integrity before dishonesty, wisdom before ignorance regardless of how hard and challenging times are. Lastly, I admire humans' endless ability to learn.

The Future of Education

Flipped classrooms, with theoretical knowledge, learned outside the school, including the practical part thaught interactively and face to face is becoming a standard for learners. Self-pace, personalised and project-oriented learning challenges today's educational processes. I am sure it will bring positive changes in the future. Learners and learning partners will need to research and learn how to produce personalised tools they feel are necessary for their final product delivery. The completely open and accessible resources must go alongside with the education of the future.